Our Brand

Our vision is to create forever gifts.  

Forever gifts that are thoughtful, special, and to be looked back on for years to come.

Forever gifts that celebrate childhood in a uniquely personal way.

Forever gifts that create a magical moment for those who purchase the gift and for those who receive the gifts.

At Beyond Cute, we are moved by the love and joy that children bring into our lives, and we celebrate this through our uniquely personalised collection of gifts. Our gifts epitomise what we value most at Beyond Cute: Creating magical moments for the person who choses and the person who receives something personalised – something that is as unique and individual as the new arrival is. Our slogan – “Beyond Cute – When Cute Just Isn’t Enough”, describes the love that we, all parents and their family and closest friends feel for the new child, that “cute” just isn’t sufficient to describe the little one.

At Beyond Cute, you will find much-loved keepsakes for babies, children and new parents crafted with love, care and attention.

We take care of all the little details – every personalised gift from our collection is beautifully wrapped and ready-to-give in an elegant tissue-lined magnetic gift box decorated in subtle unisex colours, making it a wonderful keepsake in which to hold all those precious first memories of baby’s life. Printed inside the lid of each box is “you are so loved” – to share how much love and happiness the new child has brought into the family’s life. Our brand’s hallmark – the intertwined trunks of a parent and baby elephant – symbolises the eternal love and forever bond between parent and child, representing unconditional and lifelong love. Beyond Cute ensures that each carefully chosen gift will be cherished by family, child, and those who give, for a lifetime.